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FR168-Classic   Luggie Classic Scooter by FreeRider
FR168-Elite   Luggie Elite Scooter by FreeRider
FR168-Standard   Luggie Standard Scooter by FreeRider
GF112   Lumex 2-Point Lift Sling
2215A-2   Lumex 3-in-1 Aluminum Commode with Casters and Back Bar, case of 2
609201   Lumex 3-Wheel Cruiser Rollator
609101A   Lumex 3-Wheel Sure-Gait II Steel Rollator
14025   Lumex 5" Alternating Pressure-Low Air Loss Mattress Overlay System
565DG   Lumex 565DG Preferred Care Drop Arm Recliner
565G   Lumex 565G Preferred Care Recliner
565TG   Lumex 565TG Preferred Care Tilt In Space Recliner
FR565WG   Lumex 565WG Extra Wide Preferred Care Recliner
574G   Lumex 574G Three Position Recliner
6437A   Lumex 6437A Chrome Steel Drop Arm 3-in-1 Commode
7108A-04   Lumex 7108A Steel Folding Commode (4-Pack)
750000   Lumex AltaDyne 8" Alternating Pressure Mattress with Low Air Loss
774200A   Lumex AltaDyne XD 8" Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System
HDC-0072Z   Lumex Aquatherm Gel-Lite III Gel Mattress Overlay
AQTF-2035   Lumex Aquatherm Tenderflo Water Mattress Overlay
7939A-1   Lumex Bariatric Bath Seat W/ Back, 600 lb capacity!
7939A   Lumex Bariatric Bath Seat W/ Back, 600 lb capacity! Case of 2
7932A   Lumex Bariatric Bath Seat Without Back, 600 lb capacity! Case of 2
6438A   Lumex Bariatric Drop Arm 3-in-1 Commode 6438A
6130A-1   Lumex Bariatric Quad Cane, Silver Vein
7925A   Lumex Bariatric Transfer Bench, 600 lb Capacity!
2940B   Lumex Bariatric Trapeze 2940B 450 lb
2960B   Lumex Bariatric Trapeze 2960B 600 lb
7921KD-1   Lumex Bath Seat w/ Backrest
GF8903P   Lumex Composite Overbed Table
5532B   Lumex Covered Square Hamper 5532B
5532B-BAG   Lumex Covered Square Hamper Bag 5532B-BAG
RJ4200A   Lumex Deluxe 4-Wheel Bariatric Rollator RJ4200A
FR566G   Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner 566G
FR566DG   Lumex Deluxe Clinical Recliner with Drop Arms 566DG
DSLSA   Lumex Deluxe Sit-To-Stand Padded Sling
GF8905-1A   Lumex Deluxe Tilt Overbed Table
LF1009A   Lumex Digital Lift Scale, Fits LF1030, LF1030CH and LF1040
DSC250   Lumex DSC3250 Digital Lift Scale, Fits LF1050 and LF1090
8565XXX   Lumex Dura-Gel™ BASE 3G Wheelchair Cushion
FR588W   Lumex Electric Bariatric Recliner 588W
716070A   Lumex Everyday Dual Release Adult Walker
716270A-2   Lumex Everyday Dual Release Adult Walker w/Wheels, Case of 2
FR587W   Lumex Extra Wide Bariatric Clinical Care Recliner 587W
GF13701B   Lumex Fast Alert Basic Patient Alarm with Bed Pad
GF13701C   Lumex Fast Alert Basic Patient Alarm with Chair Pad
GF13700   Lumex Fast Alert Patient Alarm with Magnetic Pull Cord
700176C   Lumex FoldAway Onyx Walker 700176C
ABL-B700-PKG   Lumex Full Electric Bariatric Bed with Mattress & Head Half Rails
FM   Lumex Full-Body Mesh Sling
8265166   Lumex Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion 2"
AQGEL-1100   Lumex General Use Gel Wheelchair Cushion 17" x 17"x 3"
GF4405   Lumex GF4405 Hip Chair
20252218   Lumex Heavy Duty Bariatric Wheelchair Cushion 4" 650 lb Capacity
LF103   Lumex Hydraulic Patient Lift
7927KD-1   Lumex Knock Down Transfer Bench
LF1040   Lumex LF1040 Electric Patient Lift
LF1050   Lumex LF1050 Easy Lift Patient Lifting System
LF1090   Lumex LF1090 Easy Lift Patient Lifting System - Bariatric
LF1600   Lumex LF1600 Stand Assist
LF2020   Lumex LF2020 Easy Lift STS, Sit To Stand Lift
LF2090   Lumex LF2090 Bariatric Easy Lift STS (Sit To Stand)
10368X   Lumex Lightest Gel Mattress Overlay
104280   Lumex Lightest Gel Overlay, Bariatric 104280
7927A-1   Lumex Maxi-Drain Transfer Bench
FMC114   Lumex Mesh Full-Body Commode Sling
GF8902   Lumex Overbed Table
7956A   Lumex Padded Commode Transfer Bench with Pail & Cover
7958A   Lumex Padded Commode Transfer Bench with Tub Clamp, Swing Arm, Pail & Cover
F112   Lumex Padded Solid Full-Body Sling
TP332-1   Lumex Padded Toileting Sling
7955A-1   Lumex Padded Transfer Bench
7955A-02   Lumex Padded Transfer Bench, case of 2
US0458   Lumex Patriot Full Electric Homecare Bed
7921A-1   Lumex Platinum Collection Bath Seat w/ Backrest
7944A   Lumex Platinum Collection Deluxe Padded Bath Seat
7945A   Lumex Platinum Collection Deluxe Padded Bath Seat With Support Arms
7946A   Lumex Platinum Collection Padded Commode Chair Bath Seat
7947A   Lumex Platinum Collection Padded Commode Chair Bath Seat
80500   Lumex PVC Freedom Walker with Seat
89100-KD-1   Lumex PVC Knockdown Rolling Shower Chair
89330-1   Lumex PVC Reclining Rolling Shower Chair with Adjustable Back
8005-1   Lumex PVC Shower Bed, 450-600 lb Capacity
89100-1   Lumex PVC Shower Chair with Commode Opening
89150   Lumex PVC Shower Chair with Commode Opening, 18" Adjustable Height
RC-20   Lumex Rolling Utility Cart
GF7012-1   Lumex Select Care 2-Hook I.V. Stand
GF7050-1   Lumex Select Care I.V. Stand
RJ4700   Lumex Set N Go Height Adjustable Rollator
RJ4718   Lumex Set N Go Wide Height Adjustable Rollator RJ4718
7910A-1   Lumex Shower Transport Chair
DSLSA9   Lumex Sit-To-Stand Buttock Strap
8920XXX   Lumex Skin Protection & Positioning Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion 4.5"
7016A   Lumex Stainless Steel Deluxe 4-Hook I.V. Stand
6433A   Lumex Steel Drop Arm Commode 6433A
2032A   Lumex Sure Safe Bathtub Safety Rail
331000   Lumex Tray Table for Drop Arm Recliner FR3302
7953   Lumex Tub Safety Clamp for 7955A, 7956A, 7958A
700175CR   Lumex UpRise Onyx Folding Walker 700175CR
2800GA   Lumex Versa Helper Trapeze Bar
2840GA   Lumex Versa Helper Trapeze Bar Stand for Lumex 2800GA (Gray)
6465A-1   Lumex Versaframe Adjustable Toilet Safety Rail 6465A
6810A   Lumex Versamode Drop Arm Commode Chair 6810A
RJ4805   Lumex Walkabout ConTour Deluxe Rollator
RJ4402R   Lumex Walkabout ConTour Imperial Hemi Bariatric Rollator
RJ4405   Lumex Walkabout Four-Wheel Imperial Rollator
RJ4400   Lumex Walkabout Imperial Bariatric Rollator
RJ4300   Lumex Walkabout Lite Rollator
RJ4318   Lumex Walkabout Wide Rollator RJ4318
GF1844W   Lumex Wheelchair I.V. Pole
8220166   Lumex® Basic Wedge Wheelchair Cushion 3.25-4"
FR597G   Lumex® Ortho-Biotic™ II Recliner, FR597G
6700   Lumiscope Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer
1003-01   Lung Flute
PX-8704-1   M4/A Cylinder 6-Pack
PX-8704-1xB   M4/A Cylinder Pallet (144 cylinders)
M6-BAG   M6 Oxygen Cylinder Bag
PX-8700-1x   M6/B Cylinder 6-pack
PX-8700-1xB   M6/B Cylinder Pallet (144 cylinders)
PX-5405-1M   M60 Cylinder 6-pack
PX-5405-1B   M60 Cylinder Pallet (42 cylinders)
PX-8707-1M   M7 Cylinder 6-pack
PX-8707-1B   M7 Cylinder Pallet (81 cylinders)
PX-8701-1x   M9/C Cylinder 6-pack
PX-8701-1xB   M9/C Cylinder Pallet (81 cylinders)
2004   Mada Medical Oxygen Cylinder Stand for 6 D or E Cylinders
2001   Mada Medical Oxygen Cylinder Stand for D or E Cylinder
R1833-8G   Mada Medical R1833-8G Oxygen Regulator, CGA540, DISS, 0-8 LPM
R1833GBHF-25   Mada Medical R1833GBHF-25 Oxygen Regulator, CGA540, 2 DISS check valves, 0-25 LPM
R1835-15G   Mada Medical R1835-15G Oxygen Regulator, CGA870, DISS, 0-15 LPM
R1835-25BR   Mada Medical R1835-25BR Oxygen Regulator, 0-25 LPM, All Brass
R1835-25GB   Mada Medical R1835-25GB Oxygen Regulator, 0-25 LPM
R1835GBHF-25   Mada Medical R1835GBHF-25 Oxygen Regulator, 2 DISS check valves, 0-25 LPM, All Brass
M1935-15GB   Mada Mini Medical Oxygen Regulator, 0-15 LPM
M1935-8GB   Mada Mini Medical Oxygen Regulator, 0-8 LPM
LS9500   Masonair LS9500 10" Lateral Rotation Mattress with on Demand Low Air Loss from Drive
PMC1-x-WHT   Mattress Cover, Washable, Reusable, Waterproof
50012   Maverick Heavy-Duty Aerosol Compressor from Roscoe
14002E   Med-Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System
RMI-15ST   Medical Oxygen Regulator, 0-15 LPM
RMI-08ST   Medical Oxygen Regulator, 0-8 LPM
R1833-15G   Medical Oxygen Regulator, CGA540, DISS, 0-15 LPM
6101   MediPress Pneumatic Compression System
PC3420   Memory Foam Knee Separator Pillow from Roscoe
6255   Men's Reusable Incontinence Brief 6oz
4580P-42   Meridian Bariatric Ultra-Care Perimeter Plus System
GO-78343   Meridian Gel-Lite Gel/Foam Overlay (78" x 34" x 3")
HDC-9B   Meridian Optimum Comfort Gel Cushion
MER-4500   Meridian Ultra-Care Excel System
4580P   Meridian Ultra-Care Perimeter Plus System
2080   Microwaveable Moist Heat Therapy Pack 9"x12"
RMI-15MINI   Mini Medical Oxygen Regulator, 0-15 LPM
RMI-08MINI   Mini Medical Oxygen Regulator, 0-8 LPM
PX-8705-1M   ML6/M6A Cylinder 6-pack
PX-8705-1B   ML6/M6A Cylinder Pallet (81 cylinders)
PX-5406-1M   MM (M122) Cylinder 6-pack
PX-5406-1B   MM (M122) Cylinder Pallet (25 cylinders)
MS-3000N   MSS Tilt & Recline Pediatric Seating System by Drive
1098511   Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion by Roscoe
001266-6   NIC The Dragon Pediatric Nebulizer Mask - 6pk
4200-1   Nova Basket Cover Bag for Rollator Basket
4200C   Nova Cruiser Classic Rollator 4200C
4010   Nova Cruiser De-Light Rolling Walker 4010
4207   Nova Cruiser Deluxe Junior Rollator 4207
4202   Nova Cruiser Deluxe Rollator 4202
4201BL   Nova Cruiser II Rolling Walker 4201BL
CH-1000   Nova Cup Holder for Rollators & Wheelchairs
8805   Nova Drop-Arm Commode Transport Chair
FL-1000   Nova Flashlight for Rollators & Walkers
4202C   Nova GetGo Classic Rollator 4202C
4204   Nova GetGo Groove Rolling Walker 4204
4209C   Nova GetGo Junior Rollator 4209C
4208C   Nova GetGo Petite Rollator 4208C
4001WP   Nova Hanging Walker Pouch
8583   Nova Heavy Duty Drop-Arm Commode
TKW-13   Nova Heavy Duty Knee Walker TKW-13 (Metallic Red)
TKW-14   Nova Heavy Duty Tall Knee Walker TKW-14 (Blue)
4205   Nova Journey Rolling Walker Rollator
TKW-12   Nova Knee Walker TKW-12 (Silver)
4215   Nova Mack Walker Rollator 4215
4216   Nova Mighty Mack Rollator 4216
4214   Nova Mini Mack Walker Rollator 4214
4000T   Nova Plastic Food Tray
4000TB   Nova Rollator Travel Bag
332B   Nova Transport Chair with 22" & Companion Brakes -Blue
332R   Nova Transport Chair with 22" & Companion Brakes -Red
4900   Nova Traveler 3 Wheel Rollator 4900
4239   Nova Vibe Petitie Wide Rolling Walker 4239
4218   Nova Zoom 18 Rollator 4218
4220   Nova Zoom 20 Rollator 4220
4222   Nova Zoom 22 Rollator 4222
4224   Nova Zoom 24 Rollator 4224
HBC1000   NuVita™ Skin Cleansing and Toning Complete System
HUD1642EA-10   O2 Bleed-in Port for use with CPAP 10-Pack
HC482   Opus Direct Nasal Pillows Mask from Roscoe
EJO2BAG07   Oxygen Cylinder Bag for Wheelchair, D or E Tank
ET-CW-5   Oxygen Cylinder Wrench (5 Pack)
18102   Oxygen D Cylinder Shoulder Carry Bag by Drive
Fusion250   PaceSaver Fusion 250 3 Wheel Travel Scooter
Fusion350   PaceSaver Fusion 350 3 Wheel Travel Scooter
Fusion450   PaceSaver Fusion 450 Bariatric 3 Wheel Scooter

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