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Stand-Up Manual Wheelchairs
Stand-Up wheelchairs allow users to rise from a seated to a standing position, improving quality of life through greater accessibility and building confidence as well as providing many health benefits. Some benefits include better blood circulation, improved kidney and bladder function - reducing bladder infections, better muscle tone, reduced bone decalcification and osteoporosis risk, prevention and healing of pressure sores. With a stand-up chair the frequency of transfers is typically reduced, helping to prevent injuries to the user and caregivers.
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Karman XO-101 Stand-Up Wheelchair
Karman XO-101 Stand-Up Wheelchair
List Price: $9,900.00
Our Price: $6,500.00
You save $3,400.00!
-16" or 18" Seat
-Manual Propulsion
-Power Stand-Up
-56 lbs w/Battery
-250 lbs Capacity